What to know about web hosting providers

Is Free Hosting really free?

There are many free hosting companies available on the internet but what is the catch? Free hosting services are usually endorsed by advertisements on web sites that are hosted. Free web hosting services are not as real as it sounds. In reality, if you come across a free hosting service you notice many advertisements in banner form on both the top and the bottom of your web-site and it may be a good option if you don’t have a lot of traffic or just a small site but for more active sites, it may not be a feasible option.

On most of such hosting plans you will be offered to host under a subdomain with the name that you pick (yourname.websitehost.com for example). This does not always be a good option for more recognized and active websites.

How to choose a Hosting Provider

How do you choose a hosting provider when there are few thousand hosting companies to select from? However, there are some prominent companies that do provide reliable hosting service with affordable prices. They also deliver greater bandwidth with 98 to 99% uptime as below 65% is unacceptable. it is important to get a high volume server space and bandwidth as possible to increase traffic of your website with necessary updates.

One should also check if CGI access is provided when purchasing business web hosting. It should include features such as MySQL, Real Audio, Real Video, and Cold Fusion (which few providers sell as an add on service). When doing ecommerce, it is very important to get SSL, or Secure Socket. An SSL certificate verifies that your website and ecommerce site transactions are safe and secure.

Is Windows Web Hosting the best option?

Windows provides its users with friendly and familiar environment that is easy to operate, reliable and cost-effective. With the advances in Windows/XP hosting Server and operating system, lots of work is done by developers with ease and efficiency. The Windows/NT platform is equally reliable although it depends predominantly on maintenance and technical knowledge.

Important factor is the purpose of the website. For example, interactive websites usually rely on ASP (Active Server Pages which allow scripts on a web page to be run on the server before the files are transmitted to the client), PHP, or Perl (Practical Extraction and Reporting Language which is a scripting language used for receive and process data stored on web page forms).

Windows XP server packages have fantastic programs for users who are familiar with MS Windows XP software and even allows for hosting for optimization of hard disk space and RAM which removes the risk of computer lock-ups while loading web applications.

Linux Unix options for SOHO

Linux/Unix operating system which was developed by Linus Torvalds is perfect for smaller websites and blogs that comes with cPanel, PHP, Apache and more. It is best for companies that run Linux/Unix applications on their PC’s and laptops. The Linux/Unix-based platform is considered to be a stable platform in the industry. Red Hat and Mandrake  is the most popular Linux software. Most businesses have preferred the Linux/Unix platform because of its open source architecture which allows the users the flexibility and adaptability.

Linux/Unix supports a larger range of application languages such as C, C++, Shell, Perl, Tcl, Python, Java and PHP.  MySQL is the standard databases available for Unix. FTP modules in Linux/Unix host are also integrated into the operating system to provide an easier way to upload the web site.

Using Managed Dedicated Web Hosting

If you are an individual or company (SOHO business or home office) that wants storage and bandwidth without the restrictions then managed dedicated web hosting is the way to go because monthly bandwidth can range from 500 to 1K GB for the user. You should consider steeping up your web hosting package if you are using web applications over 1K GB. Now, if you are developing online streaming video content for your website, then you may want to consider over the 1K GB limit on your account and increase bandwidth.

Reasons to switch to a New ISP Provider

Did you ever face an issue with an ISP provider that has deteriorated in their service or speed or the company has just closed? So what do you do when an ISP company’ service is no longer available? It is quite simple. All you have to do is look for a new ISP service provider. Most companies are advertising locally through banner ads or you can easily find them by doing some google search.

There are basically 2 components to internet ISP services and it includes the physical network connection to your SOHO or small office and the basic connection to retrieve email or just browse web-sites. Most SOHO businesses is connected through what is known as a wide area network and how much bandwidth is required for business applications or developing server side applications for the hosting account.

Perils of the Cyber Hackers

One of the biggest risk in today’s information technology is the evil entity known as the Cyber squatters or hackers whose main objective is to steal your web identity. They could even get access to your pc and steal your files and access sensitive information including your emails. You may be teased to click on a link or an image and if anyone becomes a victim, then that could be a real nightmare for the person who owns the computer.

One trick these hackers do is they will allow your competitor to get a domain that sounds same as yours, and give access to the hacker to steal your valuable business and clients. So don’t let cyber hackers or squatters destroy you and damage what you have developed and built online.

Author: Support Team