Key Features of Physical Therapy Billing Services

Daily Posting of EOBs

All insurance payments and insurance contract adjustments should be posted to the patient ledgers accurately and timely–within 24 hours after the EOB is received. It is important that the team of Physical Therapy insurance billing managers will communicate daily with your office manager via email or phone to ensure smooth end-of-day close-out of patient ledgers.

Primary and Secondary Claims are Submitted Daily

All insurance billing for primary and secondary claims should be sent electronically, daily. Pre-authorizations will be sent to insurance companies when requested.

Daily and Monthly Insurance Aging Reports

The Insurance Aging Report should be worked daily and analyzed each month. You should receive daily summaries that track how many overdue claims were appealed, how much money was collected, and what your current accounts receivable balances are.

Appealing Denied Claims

If a claim is denied, it should be immediately investigated the cause and appeal the claim that same day. This attention to detail ensures that the Billers collect as quickly as possible the outstanding balances that you are owed.

Electronic Attachments Used When Available

Electronic attachments are sent for all claims when available. If an insurance company will not accept electronic attachments, it is important to process a paper attachment through the mail.

A Detailed Work Log Regarding Accounts Receivable

All overdue insurance balances that are thirty (30) days old or older should be followed up on weekly.

Verification of Procedures Unattached to Insurance

All procedures that are not attached to insurance claims should be batched daily. It is important to ensure that this oversight is remedied whenever necessary.

Compilation of Incomplete Patient Information

Often patients’ files are incomplete that can cause the claims to be denied. Billing managers should contact your patients and ask for any missing information – to complete the patient file – to ensure the promptest payment possible.

Daily and Monthly Accountability Reports

Daily and monthly reports should be emailed to your management staff, with a summary of insurance collection efforts and any issues that are discovered that can slow down our collection efficiency.

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Author: Support Team