Admittance To Any Pain Management Center Will Offer Multi-Discipline Comprehensive Care

The stereotypical thinking of most people that are considering admitting themselves into a pain management center believes they are going to receive various types of pain medication. And unfortunately, this type of thinking is a large part of the rise in narcotic abuse such as pain medications.

One way the medical profession has found a way to slow this abuse down is with a multi-disciplinary comprehensive care plan within a facility that has a focus on the pain. There is more than medication management involved. It also includes treatments such as:

· Chiropractic

· Interventional Pain Management

· Manipulation Under Anesthesia

· Physical Therapy

· Physiotherapy

· Rehab

· Spinal Decompression Therapy

Other methods that may be used in these settings to reduce pain are Naturopathic and psychologic methods. When a patient has received the proper amount and combination of pain management it maximizes the recovery period and helps the patients to return to an active life once again.

All patients that are suffering from chronic pain should not be treated the same, even if the pain is of the same nature, such as cancer treatment or after a surgery. In this type of pain management center, for the treatment to be most effective is individualized by the patient.

For example, if a patient enters a center with an acute back pain at a level 10, they may not be able to work and have difficulty walking. The pain management center team may determine that a passive therapy of electrical stimulation (TENS unit) is needed. In addition, they may also use heat, ice, and some moderate pain medications and/or injection treatments. The goal is to reduce the pain substantially and allow the staff to move on to other methods of treatment that are more active, such as physical therapy.

Conversely, though, a patient that has been experiencing chronic pain at a level of 6/10 severity, starting a physical therapy right away would be prudent. Once the staff at any pain management center determines how well that has helped, they may decide to give the patient injections if the physical therapy didn’t prove to be enough.

A multi-disciplinary approach offers a patient significant benefit with experts in pain management. Such as the injections that are implemented and the physical therapy that is assigned can lessen the need for medication and lower the risk of becoming hooked on narcotics. Chiropractic manipulations not only add pain relief, but they have also shown that when used with physical therapy can be extremely effective.

Such as Spinal Decompression Therapy which has been proven in various studies to be effective for the arm, back, leg, and neck pain, thus eliminating the need for risky surgery. It often takes more than one treatment for many patients need a mixture of two or three different ones to get that pain relief they so desperately want.